Wednesday, 31 May 2017

CanNet's Best Cable Internet Plan for Streaming & Surfing.

CanNet is the TPIA and delivers the internet speed you need to stream movies, shows, music, and more. CanNet have researched and reviewed on streaming content providers to see what exactly the internet speeds they recommend.

With all that information together with what we educated from our full service reviews, we found as the fastest growing ISPs in Canada.

We just make sure that the cable internet plans availability varies across the country, so it’s best to start your search by seeing what’s actually available to you. Use our ZIP code finder to see all of your internet plans available in your area.

The most demandable internet for streaming nowadays

CanNet Telecom easily provides you the unlimited cable internet for streaming; however, they have limited availability so grab the deal as early in your area. This deal is only available till 29th July’17. The complete details for the plans are mentioned below:

  1. The plan is Cable 100M unlimited plan with the Download speed up to 100Mbps and Upload Speed up to 10Mbps and you can avail this plan at $39.98/m.
  2. This Plan is only applicable for the Rogers Service Area
  3. You have an option for the Free Switch, where in you can switch from your current ISP.
  4. You will get credit back of $29.95 upfront, which automatically void the installation fee.
  5. No Contract, Unlimited Usage and 10 days full money back guarantee.
Cable Internet Plan

In addition you have 2 Modem options , which are :
  1. Wired modem rental (Hitron CDA3-20): $4.98/month. Purchasing price: $99 which would automatically cancelled the installation
  2. Wireless modem rental (Cisco DPC 3848): $6.98/month. Currently there is no purchasing option for this

Signup here and follow the steps to grab the deal. Also you can call us at 416-800-2323 or to our authorized agent modem outlet at 1-800-880-1234 and 1-416-422-2222.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

CanNet Extending 100M Unlimited Cable Internet Plan until July 29th!

CanNet Telecom has extended the agreement with Rogers for 100M Unlimited High Speed Cable Internet Package until July 29th! Due to popular demand Rogers has agreed to extend the deal for an additional month to any serviceable region in Ontario. 

We have had a strong affiliation with Rogers since our induction in 2009 and have been redistributing their internet ever since. This has allowed us to provide our customers with an elite internet service at a discounted rate!

You can check your availability for the 100M Unlimited Cable Plan by visiting the CanNet website or call and speak with a live agent: 1.800.208.7798.

About CanNet Telecom

  • CanNet has been redistributing unlimited high speed internet since our inception in 2009; we were registered with the CRTC that same year.
  • We are a third party distributor of proprietary ISP’s such as Rogers, which allows us to provide elite internet services at a discounted rate.
  • All CanNet packages are completely unlimited, with no bandwidth throttling, caps or restrictions of any kind.
  • We offer a lifetime warranty on all hardware and equipment, as long as the property is not physically damaged.
  • We also offer 24/7 dedicated customer service and technical support; our staff are extremely knowledgeable are readily available.

Plan Details
  • Bandwidth – Download speed: 100Mbps / Upload speed: 10Mbps
  • Completely unlimited with no contractual obligations.
  • 10 day full money back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with the services. 
  • There is a onetime upfront activation fee of $29.98 which is automatically credited back to you on the day of installation when your first invoice is processed.
  • The 100M Unlimited High Speed Cable Internet Plan is available to anywhere in Ontario currently being serviced by Rogers.
  • There are two modem options: a wired modem (Hitron CDA3-20: rental $4.98/month) or wireless modem with built in AC Dual band router (Cisco DPC3848: rental $6.98/month)
  • There is also the option of purchasing the wired modem for $99 which would waive you installation, activation and shipping fees.
  • Currently there is no purchasing option for the wireless modem.

Transferring from a competitor:
  • 2 year free modem rental when you switch from a direct competitor.
  • For any customer who is currently using an Unlimited FTTN 25M Plan at $34.99/month; FTTN 50M Plan at $39.99/month; or 100M at $39.99/month.
  •  The $29.95 activation fee will be charged when ordering and will be credited back on your first invoice, which is produced the day of installation. 
  •  Qualified customers must sign up through an authorized agent or online at
  •  In order to qualify you must produce an invoice from your current ISP and mail it to with your order number.
  • Visit the promotion page: .

CanNet’s 10 Day Money Back Guarantee!

  • To put potential customers’ minds at ease we have a full 10 day refund policy so there should be no hesitation to try CanNet risk free.
  •  If for whatever reason you are dissatisfied, we will send you return label for the device; once we have received the device, you will receive a full refund.
  • Once issued it can take up to 5 business days to be refunded, or 1 day under extreme circumstances.

Come the end of July, Rogers will abolish the 100M Unlimited Plan from the market entirely and will subsequently be replaced with two new bandwidths: 75/10M and 150/10M, which will have substantially higher monthly fees. 

We urge any customers who are considering the plan to change to do it before time runs out!

If you are looking to save money on your monthly internet bill, without having to sacrifice quality or performance, then contact a live CanNet agent today and get started

Monday, 15 May 2017

CanNet Offer of Month - 100M Unlimited Cable Internet; Free Switch; $39.98/month!

If you are currently living in any Rogers serviceable region, then CanNet Telecom has a red hot deal for you! We are offering our 100M Unlimited Cable Internet Package at an unbeatable price of $39.98/month + rental fees!

Sign Up Fees?

  • The switch is completely free! All new customers will be charged $29.98 upon sign up; however, that amount will be automatically credited back upon their first invoice. 
Deal is Expiring!

  • This promotion will only be running until July 29th, 2017; so this is your final chance to take advantage of this fleeting bandwidth, while you still have the opportunity! 
  • Rogers has already stopped the solicitation of their 100M bandwidth and replaced it with two new speeds; 75M and 150M, which yield substantially higher market values. 

CanNet’s 100M Unlimited Cable

  • The monthly fee of $39.98 + rental fee is guarantee for the first two years of service
  • There are no contractual obligations or cancellation fees.
  • We offer a 10 day full money back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with our services, which allows our customers the luxury of trying our services risk free.
  • We offer a life time warranty on all our equipment and hardware; as long as it is not physically damaged.
  • The plan is completely unlimited; no bandwidth throttling, caps, restrictions, or any forms of Internet Traffic Management Practices (ITMP).
  • Free Installation: applies to all new customers; whether you are switching from an FTTN or Cable Internet provider.

Modem Options:

1. Wired Modem: Hitron CDA3-20

  • Rental: $4.98/month
  • Purchase: $99 (which would automatically void installation, shipping and activation fees)

2. Wireless Mode: Cisco DPC 3848

  • Rental: $6.98/month
  • Currently there is no purchasing option for this device

Additional Discount Eligibility 

You can receive CanNet’s 100M Unlimited Cable Plan for $29.98/month, including free modem for the first 2 years of service (wired Hitron CDA3-20); ONLY if you are switching from one of these SINGLE, UNLIMITED competitor plans:

  • Single Unlimited 25M FTTN at $34.99/month
  • Single Unlimited 50M FTTN at $39.99/month
  • Single Unlimited 100M Cable at $49.99/month
You would also have to upload a copy of your invoice from your current ISP proving you are paying one of the stated prices, for verification purposes.
For more information follow the promotional page and follow the steps provided:

Best 100M Unlimited Promotion Available!

  1. Please do not be discouraged if you do not qualify for this very niche additional discount; very few people do.
  2. New sign up’s, or anyone transferring from another provider who are not using one of the listed plans, will still be eligible for 2 years of service at $39.98/month; which is far below market value. 
  3. At CanNet Telecom we remain confident that our product yields the greatest value in terms on quality, unlimited high speed internet service.

For more information visit our website at:, or call our toll free # 1.800.208.7798! We have live customer service, technical support and sales agents ready to assist you 24/7!

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Free Switch Offer - CanNet 100M Cable Internet Plan with 2 years Free Modem Rental

CanNet Telecom provides quality Internet services to meet the needs of your daily usage. Look to us for fast, reliable and secure services that you can depend on. We are offering the most popular cable 100M internet plan with the free switch offer. The offer is for Rogers Service Area

 You have the power to choose the best option for you. Get the most popular Single Cable 100M Unlimited Internet, at $39.98/m.

Cable 100M Unlimited Internet plan at $39.98/m – See the details below

Modem Options: 

1.    Hitron CDA3-20 (Wired Modem)

•    Rental fee: $4.98/month
•    Purchasing fee: $99

2.    Cisco DPC3848 (Wireless Modem)

•    Rental fee: $6.98/month;
•    No purchasing option available

There is also the opportunity to qualify for a free modem rental for the first 2 years of service at a price of $39.98/month, if you are transferring from one of the following plans:

•    Single Unlimited 25M FTTN at $34.99/month
•    Single Unlimited 30M Cable at $34.99/month
•    Single Unlimited 50M FTTN at $39.99/month 

  • Either you are transferring from Cable Provider or FTTN provider, you can switch from at free of cost to Cable Provider or FTTN provider.
  • There is an upfront cost of $29 .95 which covers installation, shipping and activation; however that amount is fully refunded on the customer’s first invoice.
  • If you decide to purchase the wired modem for $99; the installation fee will be automatically voided. 
Order before 29th July 2017 

For more information follow the promotional page and follow the steps provided:

For more information visit our website or call our  toll free number 1.800.208.7798! We have live customer service, technical support and sales agents ready to assist you 24/7!

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Save Upto $120 this May. Free Switch Option, Free Installation, Unlimited Speed - Offer is Limited

CanNet Telecom is blooming in the Internet Industry day by day with the new offers on cable internet plans. Each Offer has strengths and limitations based on the requirements of the user. Here, we’ve put together for an overview of each option so you can begin to better understand your business Internet service.

Get our most popular Unlimited Single Cable Internet 100 M Plan at Lowest Fare. You have the power to choose the best option for you which are mentioned below:

1.) CanNet will offer customers 100M unlimited internet at 39.98$ for 2 years with wired cable modem rental.

FREE switch offer with wired or wireless modem.

  1. The 29.95$ activation fee will be charged when ordering and will be credited back on the first invoice upon service activation. 
  2. Qualified customers must be signed up through an authorized agent or online at
  • ** Wired Cable Modem rental $4.98/month; or wireless Cable modem $6.98/month;
  • ** First time 29.95$ activation including shipping and it will credit back on first invoice.
  • ** Monthly $39.98 for two years, after $59.98 plus taxes.
  • ** Extended warranty – 10 days full refund.

2.) Customers who are signing up for new promotion & Customers, who are switching from a competitor, who are currently using a Single Unlimited Cable 100M Plan at 39.99$ with unlimited usage. -This Promotion is ended on 30th June'17

  1. CanNet will offer these customers 100M unlimited internet at $29.98/m with modem rental who are paying under $40, if you will switch directly from competitor.
  2. The 29.95$ activation fee will be charged when ordering and will be credited back on the first invoice upon service activation. 
  3. Qualified customers must be signed up through an authorized agent or online at :
  4. A Current customer invoice must be provided by email to, with the order number, to validate the offer or Upload the copy of the Invoice at check out page.

To confirm about the offers and cable plans available at Ontario and other locations, please contact our authorized agent Modem Outlet at 1-800-880-1234 or 416-422-2222.