Monday, 27 February 2017

CanNet -Your Local Internet High Speed Service Provider Ontario.

CanNet is helping people to access the unlimited cable internet with the local high speed internet service in Ontario. We have been providing high speed access in Ontario since 2009 .There are many ISP’s in Ontario area with many different options for internet and provide unlimited high speed internet plans for residential users. They also may have various special offers running on the internet plans throughout the year permanently. For instance like promotion codes.

The benefit of having Internet access with CanNet Telecom is enjoying the unlimited high speed internet with extra savings of $10, which means you can buy Cable 100M & 60M  internet plan at $49.98/m for 2 years. 

We give an easy way to customers to directly access the internet , which is the most easiest way than ever to offer customers deals, or to find deals from nearby stores yourself.

High Speed Cable Internet has had a strong, positive impact on the productivity of plans across the Ontario.

Your High Cable internet packages Ontario will include:

  • High Cable Speed Internet
  • Unlimited downloading
  • Save $10 each month
  • Buy at $49.98/month for 2 years.
  • No Term & Hidden Fee

We also help our customers to guide on the right plan which is affordable according to there location .any question can feel to call at  416-800-2323

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Use Coupon Code CAN100 & Get Surprising Discounts, Offers for 24 months

Everybody browse Internet, in fact we work whole day on internet, no matters you use internet to browse the web, uploading or downloading  the videos or even you play online games.

CanNet Telecom provides you the best cable internet packages with the best features mentioned below:

You will get 24 months Internet at $49.98/m with extended warranty
  • No Terms
  • No Shipping Charges
  • Unlimited High Speed Internet Access.
  • 10 Days Money Back Guarantee

When you choose the best and popular cable internet packages, you will enjoy the extra services with the advantage of discounts on present packages.
  • You can also prepay to enjoy the exciting discounts on the available Packages,
  • You will get High Speed Internet

You also have a wide range of features to choose from CanNet Telecom, so you can get mainly best out of your Internet service what you expected.

Use coupon code CAN100 for extra discounts, so that we upgrade your internet with best packages.You can choose the plans mentioned below or can visit the website for more plans.
  • Cable100M Internet Plan at $49.98/month
  • Cable 60M $49.98/month

If your area is  Cogeco, Videotron or Shaw region the market tends to be a little more expensive, which is why CanNet offers their 60M Unlimited High Speed Cable Internet Package at the same value. 

Get the high usage internet deal with the fast speed so that you can download and upload as much as you want. Find the best Internet plans and packages, available in your area.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Guide on Cable Internet Plans in Canada

Being a Canadian resident, you have the chances to use the cable Internet at $49.98/m for 2 years for just about everything at your home . For example to watch video, your student’s homework or assignments, you can watch online movies and can use the social media accounts as well.

So best is that, which plan will suit you at affordable price?

Now what you have to do, you have to find out which cable internet plan is best to use and fits your budget. Think from below points if you need any help.
  • Are you watching online video?
  • Do your children do online assignments?
  • Do you connect with family and friends?
  • How many people will be using the internet and everything else?

Once you have figured it out, you will definitely get the best ISP and the selection of cable internet package, which is at the highest discount.

So before you choose any wrong plan do compare and check on the CanNet official website for cable internet plans .No Term contract and it’s very essential to take a closer look at what sort of plan you need.

Cable Plan Guidance
  1. Mostly used plans with the unlimited high speed in Canada is our Cable 60M and Cable 100M internet promotion plans. 
  2. Use can make use of the promotion code CAN100 and avail the best recommended plans with the unlimited downloading and uploading. 
  3. We don’t ask our customers to sign any terms and contracts. Grab the offer soon as nobody will offer in the market at low price.

For any sales inquiry please contact our at 1-416-800-2323 or visit our official website.

Monday, 13 February 2017

CanNet - Cable Internet Plans In Offers , Use CAN100 for Heavy Discount

CanNet Telecom has high speed cable internet packages to cater to every type of user from moderate to heavy.

  • We have plans starting at 15Mbps all the way to 250Mbps; this scalability allows the customer to best choose a speed and bandwidth that best caters to their home networking system. 
  • We have been in operation in 6 provinces Canada wide since 2009 and are partnered with all major Canadian ISP’s specifically: Rogers, Cogeco, Shaw and Videotron
  • All CanNet Plans are completely unlimited with no throttle, caps or restrictions. 
  • There are no contractual obligations with any of the packages.

Listed below are some of the details of said plans and their descriptions:

Cable 15
  • Bandwidth: Download – 15M / Upload – 5M
  • Available in Rogers, Cogeco, Shaw and Videotron regions.
  • This plan is ideal for light users, who mostly use the internet for checking email or web browsing.

Cable 30
  • Bandwidth: Download – 30M / Upload – 5M
  • Available in Rogers, Cogeco, Shaw and Videotron regions.
  • This plan is ideal for light to moderate users; if you do some light streaming or heavy browsing.

Cable 40

  • Bandwidth: Download – 40M / Upload – 10M
  • Only available in Cogeco areas.
  • Similar functionality and benefits as the 30M plan.

Cable 60
  • Bandwidth: Download – 60M / Upload – 10M
  • Available in Rogers, Cogeco, Shaw and Videotron regions.
  • This plan is ideal for users who do a lot of online gaming or streaming. 

Cable 100

  • Bandwidth: Download – 100M / Upload – 10M
  • Only available in Rogers areas.
  • This plan is ideal for heavy users, who area constantly uploading, downloading, streaming and gaming. 

Cable 120

  • Bandwidth: Download – 120M / Upload – 10M
  • Available in Cogeco, Shaw and Videotron areas.
  • Similar functionality to the 100M plan.

Cable 250

  • Bandwidth: Download – 250M / Upload – 20M
  • Available in Cogeco and Rogers areas.
  • This is the fastest residential cable speed available on the market; very few limitations with this plan.

Please keep in mind that if you are in a Rogers area the internet services are cheaper than other major ISP’s. However, both are extremely competitive; for more information on pricing visit our website at: , or call one of our live agents at: 1.800.208.7798.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Introducing the CanNet Cable 100M Internet Plan Anywhere in Canada

Are you facing the issues with the internet connection in your area? If yes than your internet plan is not the right one or your modem is not the right one you have chosen. It can be solved by choosing the right plan and modem. 

CanNet Telecom is the leading internet service provider in Canada that offers you the best value for money, when it comes to the internet plans.

Explore more of what you love online with the CanNet unlimited cable internet high speed plan. Get connected with us by signing up and take an advantage of our special offers and deals.

CanNet cable 100M internet plan for just $49.98/month for first 2 years .The perfect Internet match made for your home. Get Online 100 Mbps unlimited download, no term contract.

Cable 100M Internet Plan Includes: Save $10 using promotion code “CAN100”

•    Plan - Cable 100
•    Download: 100 M
•    Upload: 10 M
•    Price -   $ 49.98/month for 2 years tenure thereafter $59.98/m
•    No Term
•    No Hidden fees.
•    Fastest Speeds Available
•    Unlimited Bandwidth

To enjoy the benefits of cable internet from CanNet  call us at 416-800.2323. We are happy to assist you anytime.